1942 Interviewees

Taking Photos at Heart Mountain

Eiichi Edward Sakauye
A Larger Family at Camp

Esau Shimizu
The Comfort of Music at Poston

Lola Tanaka Abe
The Blue Dress

Elsie Mayeda Honda
Fields of Berries

David M. Sakai
The Paper Bouquet

Misao Yamano Shiotsuka

The stars of the exhibition are three women and three men — Lola Tanaka Abe, Elsie Mayeda Honda, David M. Sakai, Eiichi Edward Sakauye, Esau Shimizu, and Misao Yamano Shiotsuka. They were selected because of their varying backgrounds, their interest in the project, and their articulateness. They spent many hours becoming reacquainted with their own internment history through photographs, documents, and personal items which they had saved. They courageously opened up to Flo and allowed her to audiotape and videotape them. They shared memories of packing up their belongings during problematic times. Their stories were sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always riveting. They also contributed personal items and photos to the project so that Flo could create suitcase art, using actual suitcases taken to camp, in order to honor them.

Joseph Y. Yasutake, Ph.D. President, JAMsj Co-Project Director



Japanese American Museum of San Jose | Design2Market (Design Consultant) | Jim Nagareda (Photography)

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